Now neighbours urge others to.. ‘follow our lead’

Now neighbours urge others to.. ‘follow our lead’

by Tom Martin (August 2020)

AN alleyway used by flytippers to dump their rubbish has been turned into a community garden... and now hosts puppet shows and board game events!

Neighbours on Rufford Road in Litherland, who were sick of the sight of seeing rubbish, including unwanted furniture, constantly dumped in the passageway decided on direct action and led by Helen Taylor and Jenny McKechnie, they set about transforming the grot spot.

They community-proud pair set-up a Facebook group for other residents on the road and together they decided to give the alleyway a new lease of life. Full story on Page 3

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Over the course of two months they have transformed the dirty alleyway into a community space for everyone to enjoy.

After getting in touch with their local councillors to help with the removal of the bulky waste and rubbish, the residents set about pressure-washing and weeding the cobbles before putting out garden furniture and planters.

The cobbled alleyway is now known as Rufford Community Garden and now hosts puppet shows, swing ball competitions, board games and even socially distanced toasted marshmallow evenings!

The space has been decorated with bunting and garland lights, along with hanging baskets and colourful flower pots.

The residents also started to grow their own produce, such as strawberries, chillies, coriander and mint.  

Jenny said: “The alleyway was full of fly-tipped rubbish such as couches, hoovers and washing machines, but within less than two months we’ve managed to get the alleyway completely cleaned up. 

“It’s now a lovely safe space and the children love playing here. 

“Having the community garden keeps the alleyway clean and safe, and we can all now enjoy the space we’ve created - as well as your own backyard - knowing that the alleyway is clean.” 

Helen added: “I would highly recommend anyone thinking of transforming an alleyway. 


“Speak to your neighbours and try to encourage as many households to get involved and create a great community space.  It’s an excellent way to get to know your neighbours and make new friends.”

Cllr Trish Hardy, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing said: “We are really delighted to see what an amazing job the community has done in Rufford Road.  

“The residents have worked with the council, turning what was an ugly alleyway, filled with rubbish and weeds, into a wonderful community space, where everyone can enjoy and help bring the community together.  

“The residents have used their time in lockdown to create something special and have been able to make some fantastic friends along the way.  

“I would also like to say a big well done to everyone involved in making this community garden possible” 

Cllr John Kelly, Sefton Council’s Ward Member for Litherland said: “It great to see some many residents taking control over the rear of their properties.” 

“We will help the resident as much as we can in cleaning up their alleyways, with the resources we have within the area but, ultimately, it’s down to the residents to take control.”  

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