Hoarder had so much clutter he couldn’t get into his own kitchen

Hoarder had so much clutter he couldn’t get into his own kitchen

by Tom Martin (September 2020)

A HOARDER from Crosby whose house was so full of items that he was unable to access his own kitchen and toilet for four years has appeared on national television to solve his problem.

Paul, 72, whose last name wasn’t given, invited a camera crew from Channel 5’s show Hoarders into his home in a desperate bid to get help in cleaning up his property.

He revealed how he started collecting items 25 years ago following the death of his mother.

Every room in the house was full and it got to a point four years ago when Paul couldn’t physically enter his bathroom or kitchen, meaning he was forced to eat out every day and shower in a nearby cafe.

When looking through the house, experts found a ‘mummified rat’ which had been dead for some time, as well as a large number of rat droppings in the kitchen.

After the Channel 5 team filled eight skips and chucked away 24 tonnes worth of rubbish, Paul discovered the hoarding had caused structural damage to his house and it had decreased the property value by £30,000. This was because the sheer weight of the collected items had caused the floors to drop as much as eight inches, while the lack of ventilation left the walls extremely damaged.

Paul said: “This is my life over the last 25 years, encapsulated in a ridiculous obsession. I don't know why I ever thought this lot would become an asset to the house.”

In spite of the damage, and receiving cash offers as low as £42,000, Paul was able to sell his home for £141,000 - leaving him with a large chunk of money to go towards his retirement.

Hoarders is available to watch via the Channel 5 website.

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