Police crackdown on ‘dangerous’ pavement parking at beauty spot

Police crackdown on ‘dangerous’ pavement parking at beauty spot

by Tom Martin (September 2020)

MOTORISTS who have been caught “parking dangerously” at a popular beauty spot in Appley Bridge have been fined by police.

Officers were out in force at Fairy Glen recently to stop drivers parking across pathways, which forces pedestrians into the road.

It means those in wheelchairs or pushing prams have to navigate around the cars and often walk in the busy A5209.

Police have been issuing fixed penalty tickets to drivers found to have blocked the footpath, and posted a warning on social media.

Fairy Glen runs down the side of Parbold Hill and is popular with visitors as it contains a secluded waterfall and woodland.

A Facebook post by Ormskirk and Rural West Lancashire Police said: “Due to inconsiderate parking at Fairy Glenn which is blocking the footpath forcing people with prams and wheelchairs into the national speed limit road, Officers are issuing fixed penalty tickets. Please think about other people when parking.”

The vast majority of comments from other social media users were in favour of the tough approach, with many calling for more action to stop motorists.

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