Locals urged to adopt guinea pigs from animal sanctuary

Locals urged to adopt guinea pigs from animal sanctuary

by Danielle Thompson (September 2020)

THE team at an animal sanctuary based in Holmeswood are appealing for potential adopters to consider giving a forever loving home to a guinea pig.

Sally McDerby from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary on Sandy Lane said: “They could be classed as one of the cuter and cuddlier types of rodent – depending on how you feel about rats and mice!

“We take in, unwanted, abandoned and neglected guinea pigs, rehabilitate them, neuter where needed and re-home them to suitable and vetted homes.

“As with all the work we do, we have strict procedures and criteria they follow to ensure, as best as they can, that the new homes the animals in their care set off to are going to be suitable and the best one for each animal as possible.

“They are very sociable little critters and as such should be kept in small groups to avoid loneliness which can lead to illness. As with any animal, big or small they are a big responsibility and commitment, with a life span of potentially nearly up to a decade!

“They require a minimum living space of a 6ft hutch with a 6ft run and ideally should be in groups of at least three but an absolute minimum of two. This is so that should something happen to one guinea, the other is not left alone.

“In the wild, these animals would tend to live in close family groups of between five-10 individuals, with these groups often living close together to form colonies.”

To find out more about re-homing guinea pigs from them, visit: www.woodlandsanimalsanctuary.org.uk/

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