Calls to clean up grot spot behind shops

Calls to clean up grot spot behind shops

by Tom Martin (September 2020)

CALLS have been made to clean up a grot spot behind a row of shops in Aintree.

The private land behind Altway shops has been described as a ‘dumping ground’ for both businesses and households with complaints being regularly made to the council.

Local councillors Paula Murphy and Marion Atkinson are now working with Sefton Council Enforcement team to ensure the grot spot is properly cleaned up and kept tidy.

Cllr Paula Murphy said “Enough is enough. It’s not fair for residents especially those who back onto the shops to have to live with this and it is not right that there is no cleaning programme in place to deal with the problem straight away.”

Both councillors are urging the council to take legal action and issue a Community Protection Notice, similar to that of the former Old Roan pub to deal with the ongoing neglect of the area.

The Champion reported recently that the owners of the empty pub had been fined nearly £16,000 for letting the building turn into an eyesore.

Councillor Marion Atkinson said “This has been going on for many many years.  I receive lots of complaints about this area and whilst the council act on every occasion I’ve involved them, we need a commitment from the land owner to introduce a long term plan to stop residents suffering. The council, in many instances, becomes an easy target for blame.

“On this occasion, this is private land and it is the owner who needs to step up.”

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