Group aims to bring a ‘village feel’ to a ‘forgotten’ retail area

Group aims to bring a ‘village feel’ to a ‘forgotten’ retail area

by Danielle Thompson (September 2020)

EFFORTS to revitalise commerce and community spirit by creating a ‘village feel’ in a ‘forgotten’ Southport retail area are underway.

Norwood Councillors Greg Myers, Mhairi Doyle and Carran Waterfield have joined forces with traders to launch the Bispham Road Improvement Group to look into ways of boosting business and community spirit in the area.

Councillor Greg Myers said: “Bispham Road has a great energy to it and is well used but it would be good to try to foster more of a coherent village-like feel to it, pulling together both the business and residential aspects.

“The High Park Project are very keen to help and have also been looking at ways of boosting community resilience.

“They’ve put a survey across a range of topics out to a number of residents in the area.

“One of the things we are looking at is how we can create more interest in the area, so at times such as Halloween and Christmas, for example, it helps bring more people to the local businesses and provides events for local residents.

“We are also investigating the possibility of not just a Christmas tree which would have to be replaced each year but a permanent living tree that could act as a focal point all year round.”

Local Post Master David Hartley says he and other businesses in the area are pleased to back the aims of the project: “Having been here for some time now I’d be delighted to see Bispham Road less forgotten for want of a better phrase and more loved.

“Bringing together retailers and residents with councillors and community groups will hopefully also build on the sense of public spirit that has been shown during the covid crisis period.

“You never know, it might even bring a touch of Birkdale Village to Bispham Road - though I can't see the artisan cheese shop opening up just yet, besides we've got a great little Sainsbury's and One Stop that do us just fine!"

Any residents or businesses wishing to help can contact Cllr Myers via or leave their details at Bispham Road Post Office.

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