Drains finally cleared on flood-hit street following damage caused to homes

Drains finally cleared on flood-hit street following damage caused to homes

by Tom Martin (September 2020)

A HIGHWAYS drain located on a flood-hit street in Burscough has been inspected and cleared by Lancashire County Council.

Flash floods in August caused misery for residents in parts of Ormskirk and the Champion reported how many locals suffered damage to their homes due to the heavy rainfall.

Crabtree Lane, in Burscough, was one of the worst affected streets and the council recently investigated the drains on this particular road and they managed to clear a blockage in the culvert near the properties.

MP Rosie Cooper, who has been calling on the relevant authorities to solve the ongoing flooding problem in the area, has welcomed the drain works.

She said: “I am pleased that Lancashire County Council have come and inspected their drainage and in doing so found a blockage which they subsequently cleared to allow water to now flow freely through drains on Crabtree Lane.  

“However, I and  local residents  remain frustrated that this inspection and clearance is only done as a reaction to properties having been flooded.  

“I have further written to Lancashire County Council asking when the last time they came to inspect,  and  to increase the frequency of their inspection schedule especially in areas of previous flooding. 

“Homes  can not  be allowed to flood while the drains outside their properties which could alleviate some of that pressure are blocked. 

“I accept that this one drain won’t resolve all the flooding issues across Burscough or even across all the properties on Crabtree Lane, but at the very least it will afford some homes protection some of the time, or at least buy residents  time to enact their flood defence measures. 

“I continue to correspond with the agencies and specifically LCC and Network Rail about the management and maintenance of culverts running under the rail line, to ensure that these are operating effectively to add further flood alleviation to the area.” 

The Champion reported last month how one resident on Crabtree Lane, Bernie Webster, had water flood into his home.

This is despite the resident having his own flood defence in his garden after he dug up the length of his garden to install drainage pipes and set up three automatic electronic  pumps to move flood waters away from his property into a neighbouring field. 

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