Plans for glass recycling bins challenged by councillors

Plans for glass recycling bins challenged by councillors

by Tom Martin (September 2020)

 PLANS to introduce another wheelie bin for residents to recycle glass in Sefton could be blocked by opposition councillors.

Sefton Council wants to spend £400,000 to purchase 100,000 blue recycling bins so residents can separate their glass from cardboard, which at the moment are placed in the same container.

However, it has been met by largely negative responses from Champion readers, who claim many households don’t have enough space for another wheelie bin.

Despite these concerns, the local authority approved the proposal at the start of September, claiming it would have a “positive contribution to Sefton’s Climate Change Strategy as well as to the region’s environmental impact.”

But in another twist, the rolling out of the new bins has now been delayed after councillors ‘called in’ the plan, which means it has to be further debated by the local authority at another meeting.

One of the councillors is Lib Dem Cllr John Pugh, who said: “There’s a lot of scepticism about this move. Sefton are claiming that this is a response to government legislation but it is not clear that it is. Other councils who collect glass separately do so with a container that fits within an existing bin.

“There’s also the very real possibility of a national glass bottle deposit scheme been introduced which would substantially impact on Sefton’s calculations.

“We share Sefton and the government's enthusiasm for recycling but we need to be sure that the public’s money is spent in the most practical and effective way. 

“It's nor clear that Sefton people want to see their council tax spent on an extra blue bin that may not boost recycling at all.”

As the plan has been called in, the proposal can’t proceed until a Scrutiny Committee of councillors has listened to objections and reached an opinion on whether to approve it.

Cllr Pugh added: “There is still time for people with concerns to voice those to the council and councillors and scope for a much wider debate.”

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