Labour deputy leader calling for clarity among Conservative's Covid Regulations

Labour deputy leader calling for clarity among Conservative's Covid Regulations

by Henry James (September 2020)

LABOUR deputy leader at Lancashire County Council, Councillor John Fillis, is calling for, “clarity among the chaos and confusion created by Conservative Covid Regulations.”

At Lancashire County Council’s Covid briefing, Labour called for the county council to produce a definitive guide to the current regulation that apply to people and these can be circulated to councillors, borough and parish council and across the communities.

Labour believe any previous regulation from government and the county council have failed to provide people with clear guidance.

Skelmersdale Councillor John Fillis said: “Unfortunately the Conservative administration were unable to provide any reassurance that such basic communications would take place. The digital meeting shut down before any discussion could take place leaving many questions unanswered.”

Cllr Fillis added: "The vast majority of Lancashire People have gone above and beyond what they have been asked to do when it comes to supporting their communities. Never hiding away when there was work to do, people to help, and sacrificing much of what was normal life. But it's clear there has been a lack of leadership nationally and at county level.

“With the current Conservative Administration failing to engage in and avoid basic democratic process, like scrutiny, that would of provided local people with the sound information they needed."

"The shutdown of today's meeting was typical of the turmoil within county as they put all their efforts into cancelling next May's elections in their chicken run strategy to cling on to power.

"We have the technology to create a constant dialog with local people providing them with open and honest information to help them through this Covid crisis. We have the staff with the capability to reach out right across Lancashire to develop what referred to "organic growth" within communication as well as contacting those without access safely. To prepare and protect the people of Lancashire."

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