71 knives recovered from ‘surrender bins’ around Skelmersdale

71 knives recovered from ‘surrender bins’ around Skelmersdale

by Henry James (September 2020)

POLICE in Skelmersdale have released pictures of the 71 knives which have been left in the designated knife bins within the town.

A spokesman for Skelmersdale Police shared an image (shown, right) on the force’s social media page and said: “This is a collection of knives which have been recovered from the designated knife bins within Skelmersdale.

“The bins have been strategically placed by Lancashire Police violence reduction network in South division to allow the community to do the right thing in order to take knives and edged weapons off the streets of Lancashire and assist in the prevention of crime.

“The bins have been emptied today and there was a total of 71 knives which have been taken off the streets of Skelmersdale, most of which are extremely menacing and could cause some serious injuries if not worse.

“We would like to thank the people who have surrendered these knives and by doing so they have potentially prevented a horrendous crime.”

Earlier this year the knife bins were installed across the county to give people a safe place to dispose of unwanted knives and sharp items.

A total of 16 new safe and secure containers were located in busy, well-lit areas across Lancashire that are aimed to be easy to get to as part of the police’s work to keep knives off the streets.

They aim to “provide people with a legal and safe way to surrender knives and bladed items.”

It is hoped that the bins - which were recently emptied - will help keep unwanted bladed weapons out of circulation. The knives are being disposed of by the police unless there is an obvious sign one has been used in a crime.

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