Formby's Post Office garden is revamped by volunteers

Formby's Post Office garden is revamped by volunteers

by Danielle Thompson (September 2020)

THE ‘blitz on Formby grot-spots’ by volunteers has continued with their biggest challenge to date - clearing the Post Office garden.

Parish Councillor Joe Riley said: “The 1920s Royal Mail building is the finest example or period architecture in the village - but the adjoining land had become a jungle of undergrowth.

“That was before the ‘Land Army’ of helpers, organised by local Conservative councillors, got to work with hedge-cutters and strimmers. So far, sites at Harington Road shops and the entrance to Freshfield Station, have also been given a make-over.

“The Post Office project is the most high profile to date. The garden is the first thing visitors see when arriving in the village centre from the train station - and I am pleased to say the work has had 100% approval from passers-by.”

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