Police visit Asda store on reports of shoppers not wearing masks

Police visit Asda store on reports of shoppers not wearing masks

by Henry James (October 2020)

POLICE have visited the Asda store in Skelmersdale after residents complained that some shoppers were not wearing face masks in the shop.

The visit took place after MP Rosie Cooper MP was contacted by constituents about ‘lax implementation’ of the Covid-19 regulations which have made wearing masks in shops necessary.

M Cooper said: “It concerns me when residents are reporting that retailers may not be actively encouraging their customers to wear face masks to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

“I raised these concerns with Lancashire Constabulary and Asda Skelmersdale asking what measures are in place to ensure customers are wearing masks.

“I am pleased to report that the police are actively working with the store and have been to visit, speaking with shoppers and advising them that not wearing masks could lead to fines.

“Following the previous easing of restrictions the rate of the virus is growing and it is vital that health and safety measures in place not only for the public but for staff members.”

An Asda spokesperson said: “Government guidance states that retailers should take reasonable steps to promote compliance with the law and in all Asda stores we strongly encourage customers to wear a face covering.

“This is done through signage and point of sale displays, broadcasts on our in-store radio station Asda FM and by offering packs of disposable masks for sale at the front of every store.

“On the back of the letter from Rosie Cooper MP, the police visited the store and had no concerns with the preventative measures we have in place in our Skelmersdale store.

“We have responded directly to the letter to outline all of the steps we’ve taken in ensuring we are keeping our customers and colleagues safe.”

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