Tenants with money problems are urged to contact council

Tenants with money problems are urged to contact council

by Henry James (October 2020)

TENANTS who are having money problems are being urged to contact the West Lancashire Borough Council for help and make arrangements to avoid getting behind or further behind with their rent.

For council tenants they offer support and agree payment plans, if they are having difficulties or have started falling behind with their payments.

The council’s specialist team will help, and tenants have been told it is important to get in touch and make arrangements to get payments back on track and prevent legal proceedings starting.

A council spokesperson said: “We appreciate that this is a very difficult time and the government has made financial support available for tenants, depending on their individual circumstances, so that they can continue to pay their rent as normal.

“The money we receive from rental payments is used to provide the essential services tenants need including repairs and improvements to their homes.”

Councillor Jenny Wilkie, cabinet member for housing and landlord services, added: “We want to help our tenants but we have had to start legal proceedings again for some tenants in rent arrears as they have not contacted us to make arrangements to deal with this.

“We are urging tenants who may be struggling to pay their rent to contact us and see what support we can offer so they can avoid getting behind or further behind with their rent and possible legal proceedings.

“The council has worked closely with tenants and residents throughout the ongoing pandemic and continue to offer support to ensure they are getting all the income and benefits they are entitled to reduce financial hardship.

“Of the tenants that faced legal action before the lockdown, the vast majority have worked closely with the council and are now on payment plans so they have avoided having to go to court.”

People who want advice and should contact the Income and Financial Inclusion team on 01695 585252 or email incometeam@westlancs.gov.uk.

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