Residents establish Neighbourhood Watch scheme with 100-plus homes

Residents establish Neighbourhood Watch scheme with 100-plus homes

by Henry James (October 2020)

A GROUP of Melling residents have established a Neighbourhood Watch scheme to cover more than 100 homes.

Residents of Satinwood Crescent estate got together to start the scheme over the summer period and forged ‘excellent’ links with the Merseyside Neighbourhood Watch acting chair, Merseyside Police and Sefton Council.

They established the scheme from just one close with 16 members within the space of a few months, and now have a large group of leaders who help look after approximately 15 houses in each vicinity. There are Whatsapp groups and a Facebook group which helps keep the estate informed on local, regional and national issues.

The estate has new Neighbourhood Watch signs erected to warn any potential criminals that the community is working to target them and their activities. It has also benefited from Selecta DNA Advance Forensic Marking kits.

Residents want to thank the acting chair of Merseyside neighbourhood watch for putting the estate forward to neighbourhood Inspector Swan who provided kits to the residents.

The kits aim to help fight crime against non property marked areas. They will ensure all belongings are easily traceable if they are taken by utilising unique synthetic DNA.

A spokesperson from the Satinwood Crescent scheme commented: “It is a great pleasure to live within such a proactive and positive neighbourhood where everybody is watching out for each other and their property."

The residents are seeking to extend their success to other parts of Melling and anyone who wishes to establish a Neighbourhood Watch is encouraged to visit and message the Merseyside Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page for help in how to get started.

Sgt. Clark said: “The home watch scheme that has been set up so quickly in the Satinwood Crescent estate in Melling has been extremely successful. It has grown from one close last year to the whole estate.

“It has enabled Merseyside Police, Sefton Council and the residents of this estate to work together to help solve and reduce criminal offences and anti-social behaviour.

“The scheme is very well organised with residents communicating together via social media to highlight concerns and address them in a timely manner.

“It is very effective in the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour and would be of benefit to other residents of South Sefton.”

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