TSB branch closures are slammed by MP

TSB branch closures are slammed by MP

by Henry James (October 2020)

TSB branches in Ormskirk and Skelmersdale are to close as part of the bank’s nationwide closure programme.

TSB has said that the move has been “driven by a significant shift in customer behaviour”, including a reduction in the number of customers using branches and a significant acceleration in digital adoption.

Their Ormskirk TSB branch in Derby Street is currently closed “due to coronavirus” and won’t reopen.

The Skelmersdale branch at The Concourse will close in May next year.

MP Rosie Cooper said: “The closure of yet another high street bank is very, very disappointing for its customers in West Lancashire where TSB now have no branches and customers would need to travel to Wigan, Maghull, Formby or Southport to visit a branch.

“TSB try to justify this decision by saying that their customer numbers at the Skelmersdale branch are down to just 48 per week.

“The closure will not take place until May next year and in the interim, TSB staff will be working with customers to support them moving to telephone and internet banking and advising them of options to visit an alternative branch which if you don’t have your own transport is going to be very difficult.

“TSB advise that customers will also be able to continue everyday banking activities such as cash and cheque lodgement and withdrawals at the Post Office. I have written to the Business Secretary to raise my concerns that banking choice and availability is being eroded by continued branch closures across many of the major banks.

“These banks were happy to take taxpayers’ money and be propped up by the taxpayer when they were facing bankruptcy but now the banking community appears happy to neglect those very same taxpayers and shut up shop leaving disadvantaged areas like Skelmersdale at further disadvantage.

“When NatWest closed they sent their customers to the Post Office, now TSB are doing the same – so what guarantees can the Government give that the Post Office will always remain open in local towns such as Skelmersdale. 

“Ministers and the banks need to get a grip of this situation and plan what the future will look like for banking services and ensure they are providing access for ALL customers.”

Debbie Crosbie, chief executive of TSB, commented: “Closing any of our branches is never an easy decision, but our customers are banking differently – with a marked shift to digital banking.”

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