Speeding motorist kills goose after crashing car into farmer’s field

Speeding motorist kills goose after crashing car into farmer’s field

by Danielle Thompson (October 2020)

A SPEEDING motorist crashed his car into a farmer’s field in Lydiate, killing a goose and causing damage to the property before fleeing on foot.

The farm belongs to Lydiate parish councillor Edie Pope, who has been campaigning to have speed cameras placed on the road.

The stretch of road which causes concern for Edie is a sharp bend between Mairscough Lane and Southport Road – and in May, the Champion highlighted how residents were so worried that they wanted some sort of deterrent put in place.

Edie put up a scarecrow, which is holding a speed gun, and said that it was working to help slow down motorists – until a Land Rover ploughed into her farm’s thorn hedge shortly before 9pm on Tuesday, October 6, killing one of her pet geese, flattening a one-tonne trailer farm sign, ripping the head off the deterrent scarecrow and coming to rest in her field.

She says that action ‘must be taken’ to stop speeding in the area – and that ‘it was a goose this time, but it could be a person next.’

Danger road

Edie told the Champion: “A car lost control on the bend at speed again, went through the thick hedge, obliterated a sign and killed one of our geese!

“We have had Gertrude for more than 12 years and she was a little character – she used to guard the gate at night with our other two geese and I was so sad to see that she had been killed.

“They hit the speedo doll that I made – her head was hanging off in the hedge. If they had hit a person they would have killed them outright as well, it was horrible to see. Around that time you do get a lot of people walking their dogs, using that pavement right there – it could well have been me.

“The crash moved the trailer – which weighs more than a tonne! - around 10ft sideways, it would take some serious force to move it that far! It weighs possibly more, maybe even a tonne and a half.

“The road is getting worse and worse.

“The driver and passenger ran off on foot – one down Church Lane, Lydiate and the other in the direction of Maghull. I saw one and he was a white male, around 5ft9in, all black clothing, in his 30s with dark hair.

“I fought so hard to get the road from 60mph to 40mph – but motorists still speed here. Speed cameras would give the police their money back in no time. I’ve lost count of the crashes – it must be at least eight in the last two years. A speed test was carried out in September and they hit speeds of 100mph-plus!”

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police said: “We were contacted at just after 9pm on Tuesday, October 6, following reports a Landrover Discovery had been in collision with a hedge and a trailer at Church View Farm on Southport Road, Lydiate.

“The male occupant of the car left the scene prior to patrols arriving.

“Nobody is reported as having been injured in the collision. Enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to DM @MerPolCC or call 101 quoting reference 20000605671.”

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