Kitten has to have its leg amputated after being shot with an air rifle

Kitten has to have its leg amputated after being shot with an air rifle

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

A KITTEN had to have its leg amputated after it was shot by yobs with an air rifle in Litherland.

The family pet, called Gaston, was injured on Sunday, October 11 at around 2pm near its home on Gorsey Lane after a pellet was fired into his back leg.

Despite being rushed to the emergency vet by its owner, Tom Burns, the injured leg had to be removed.

Tom said: “We were at home and Gaston came through the cat flap and we could tell straight away he was hurt. We could clearly see the injury and what had caused it.

“I took him to the emergency vet in Huyton and got told his leg had been shattered by the pellet and the kindest thing to do would be to amputate it.”

Tom, 34, got Gaston from a local rescue centre in Walton at the start of lockdown and named him after a Disney character in Beauty and the Beast.

He said the incident has been particularly upsetting for his young daughter, who helped name the cat.

He added: “I want other people in the area to be aware of what can happen. This isn’t the first time one of my cats has been shot. About six or seven years ago another cat I had was injured but not as bad as this.”

Merseyside Police confirmed they are looking into the incident and if anyone has information to contact them quoting the reference number: 20000615595.

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