Ottoh the police dog praised for sniffing out runaway man

Ottoh the police dog praised for sniffing out runaway man

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

A POLICE dog has been praised as a good boy after sniffing out a wanted man who was hiding in a garden in Netherton.

The police dog, named Ottoh, was able to track down the runaway man and detain him by biting him to enable  officers to carry  out the arrest.

Police were in the Netherton area on Wednesday, October 14 as part of a campaign known as Operation Target.

They became suspicious of a grey Hyundai car being driven on Glovers Lane at around 11pm and attempted to get the car to pull over.

However, the driver had other ideas and accelerated away, sparking a police pursuit along Glovers Lane, onto Magdalen Square and then to Peterborough Drive where the car went over 60mph in some 20mph zones.

The car eventually stopped on Eden Vale where the driver made off on foot.

The Dogs Unit attended and Ottoh managed to track the man hiding in a nearby garden. The man received minor injuries as a result of the bites.

The 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, fail to stop, drug driving and possession of cannabis. He was taken to custody where he remains at this time.

Inspector Dave Uren said: “Our police dogs are trained to search for, locate and detain criminals whilst protecting their handlers from any potential danger. They are a vital tool and I am always pleased to hear of the support they provide to our officers.”

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