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School staff want local children and parents to show them some love!

School staff want local children and parents to show them some love!

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

TEACHERS from a school in Skelmersdale have come up with a unique way to bring the community together after asking locals to add a ‘love padlock’ to their fence.

Any current and former staff,  pupils or parents of Crow Orchard Primary School have been invited to place a padlock on the fence and post a positive message on the school’s social media accounts to explain their connection to the school.

The ‘Locks of Love’ project is designed to “raise awareness of the love and support” in the local area and to also improve  mental health.

Katie Spence, who works at the school, said: “I wanted to do something that could help lift morale and let our children, parents and local community know that, as a school, we very much care about their wellbeing. 

“ I've seen locks of love before in different destinations around the world on bridges, but have never seen it done at a school.  

“We are inviting everyone who has ever been associated with our wonderful school - past and present - to come and lock a padlock to our school fence. 

“The padlock can be dated, signed or have a message attached to it. 

“We would love to hear your stories and how you have been connected to the school in the past, so are asking for you to take a photograph of yourself attaching your padlock and upload it to our social media pages.”

To do this, search for Crow Orchard Primary School on Facebook or Twitter.

Katie added: “We'’ kindly request you avoid uploading photographs with any children in the background who you are not responsible for, due to safeguarding.”

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