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Fundraising campaign to help local businesses forced to close in Tier 3

Fundraising campaign to help local businesses forced to close in Tier 3

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

A FUNDRAISER has been launched to support independent businesses in Crosby which have been forced to close under Tier 3 restrictions.

The campaign has been set-up by restaurant owners Paul Knighty, Andy Peters, Gary Peters, Tom Peters and Danielle McNulty, who together run So Salsa, Rock Salt and The Tree House, all in Crosby.

They thought of the idea after feeling relieved that restaurants were not included in the Tier 3 closure restrictions, but felt sorry for those that did such as pubs, bars and micro-pubs.

To support affected businesses, they started an online donations page in the hope of raising £9,000.

Andy said: “Me and other owners where talking about how lucky we are that we’re able to keep the restaurants open during the Tier 3 lockdown and how we felt sorry for businesses which have had to close.

“Through conversation we said ‘let’s do a Crowdfund’ with the aim to raise £1,000 per independent business in Crosby which has closed because of the new lockdown rules.

The group say the £9,000 will be shared between Tierpro Gym, Alive Gym, The Crow’s Nest, The Edinburgh, The Corner Post, The Pigeon, Corkscrew, Frankie’s and Stamps. Andy said that to help the fundraising, a discretionary £1 will be added to bills at So Salsa and Rock Salt. The Tree House has been temporarily closed.

Andy added: “It’s going to be tough to raise £9,000 but we are going to give it a good go. When we reopened the restaurants we adding a discretionary £1 to every bill, this will go straight to the Crowdfund account.

“We’re going to keep this going until the businesses are able to reopen. The last thing we want to see is independents closing around us. Crosby has become such a good area over the past five years and if we don't all chip in together, these businesses may never open again which will have a knock on affect for everybody living in the area.

“Once we have hit our target or the businesses are allowed to reopen, we will split the money evenly and hopefully this will give the businesses a little extra boost.

“Since the crowdfunding started, the gyms have been able to reopen which is great news. So our focus will be on the businesses still closed getting a larger proportion of what we manage to collect.”

l To donate, visit the website: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/crosby-independents?utm_term=p2ZKJz2P2

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