Paramedics ask residents to make sure their house numbers are visible

Paramedics ask residents to make sure their house numbers are visible

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

NOW that the darker nights are here, North West Ambulance Service have asked residents in Sefton to make sure their house numbers are visible to save vital time in an emergency.

This year as many residents are spending more time at home, the ambulance service is asking people to consider using this time to see if their property can be easily seen in the event of an emergency.

To help the ambulance service find you, they are asking you to safely check if your house number is visible from the road in the dark, make sure there are no bushes or fences blocking the view and that it is noticeable when cars and vans park outside and, if your house has a name, display the number as well.

Ambulances are equipped with sat-nav systems to help crews locate properties but if the house number can’t be quickly identified, clinicians spend vital time looking for clues on the street including numbers on neighbouring properties and rubbish bins.

Senior Paramedic, Luca Alfatti, said: “It is a difficult situation to be in when in an ambulance ready to help somebody who might be minutes away from dying but their property number isn’t clearly visible. It means we are losing vital life-saving minutes which make it so important for people make an effort to ensure we can find their property quickly.

“As the days are short and the nights are long, house numbers should be lit up where possible so that they can be seen in the dark with nothing blocking their view from the road. “You can’t usually plan for an emergency, but you can prepare. We hope you never need us but just in case, please help us find you.”

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