Litter bin yobs slammed by councillor

Litter bin yobs slammed by councillor

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

yobs who spray painted graffiti on two  new litter bins in Skelmersdale have been condemned by a councillor.

Following requests from local residents, two new bins were recently placed near Yewdale to help with a litter problem.

However, Skelmersdale North Councillor Neil Furey was left angry after youths wasted no time in spraying  them with graffiti.

He said: “The council and local people have been making a great effort to keep the area litter free and show some pride in the local environment.

“Sadly some people couldn’t care less and treat our local community and facilities with contempt.

“This council continues to invest in services and facilities and it saddens me that our efforts are being damaged in this way.”

The council has since cleaned the bins and removed the graffiti.

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