Campaign to reduce dangerous 'zombie batteries'

Campaign to reduce dangerous 'zombie batteries'

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

SEFTON residents have been urged to recycle dangerous ‘zombie batteries’ to stop the risk of fires. 

Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) and Veolia say too many batteries are going into black bin bags and getting mixed up in general waste.

They can then get easily damaged by sorting equipment at local recycling centres and they start to burn and cause fires, which prompted the name "zombie" batteries.

A new campaign called Take Charge is urging locals to only recycle dead batteries using specialist battery recycling services, and to never throw batteries away alongside general rubbish or other recycling.

Merseyside residents can recycle used batteries by removing them from devices and take them to battery recycling collection points at a local recycling centre.

Carl Beer, Chief Executive of MRWA, said: “We’ve seen an increase in the amount of electrical items coming into our recycling centres over the last few years, which is to be expected considering the number of gadgets people use these days. However, this increase is matched by a rise in the number of batteries which, as we’ve seen from incidents around the country, can pose a risk of fire.

“We don’t want to risk fires at our recycling centres, or anywhere else in our waste management facilities, so our message is simple – if you have an electrical item and/or batteries to dispose of then please follow the guidance and recycle using the correct containers.”


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