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Jessica raises money for stoma campaign

Jessica raises money for stoma campaign

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

A BRAVE young girl from Seaforth who is suffering from a chronic condition isn’t letting it stop her from raising money for charity.

Jessica Dowle, who is six years old, had to have a stoma procedure two years ago, which is when an opening is created in the abdomen to provide an alternate way for waste materials to leave the body.

Despite recent complications with her stoma and needing further hospital treatment, Jessica is still raising awareness of colostomy bags for children and she has started a new fundraiser.

She hopes to sponsor more Buttony Bears, which are teddy bears that also have a colostomy so other children with the condition don’t feel alone.

Jessica has recently sponsored 102 Buttony Bears and purchased three medical dolls from for young patients at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital/

She has also donated one of these special teddy bears to Rowan Park Primary School to help educate young pupils.

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