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American football club set to expand with funding scheme

American football club set to expand with funding scheme

by Tom Martin (October 2020)

AN American football club based in Skelmersdale is on course to secure its financial future after taking part in a new grassroots sports initiative.

Merseyside Nighthawks is one of 75 clubs across the country chosen  by the GiveToLocal organisation which aims to support grassroots sports.

After coming through a stringent selection process, the Nighthawks are already close to transforming their long-term financial future.

Via the groundbreaking GiveToLocal app Merseyside Nighthawks has the potential to connect with hundreds of local donors.

Donors are asked to pledge a minimum of £3 per month and in return they can access a growing number of offers from local businesses.

GiveToLocal is working closely with Merseyside Nighthawks to bring on board local businesses as sponsors. A minimum £8 per month donation can connect firms at the heart of the community with new customers and help to support sport in the process.

Nighthawks coach Andrew Taylor said: “We cannot wait to get going on a campaign that could secure our club’s financial future.

“We want to be able to expand our organisation to include junior ages, women’s and flag football – this opportunity could make that happen.”

“We are hopeful that the GiveToLocal strategy will allow us to establish a sustainable income and build our club going forward.”

GiveToLocal aim is to pump funding into community sport annually by backing sport, boosting business and building networks.

GiveToLocal chief Neil Gardiner said: “It’s fantastic to have Merseyside Nighthawks on board.

“Their application stood out from the crowd.

“The Nighthawks have track record for playing a key role at the heart of their local community and fundraising is something they already do very well.

“We’re here to take them to the next level by helping them to secure the sustainable funding that can ensure lasting, positive change.

“As a Focus Club Merseyside Nighthawks has the opportunity to point the way when it comes to realising fundraising potential.”

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