Award-nominated book on Southport’s lawnmower museum is a ‘cut above!’

Award-nominated book on Southport’s lawnmower museum is a ‘cut above!’

by Danielle Thompson (October 2020)

BOOK on Southport’s lawnmower museum is a ‘cut above!’

The British Lawnmower Museum’s curator Brian Radam’s book Lawnmowers has made the shortlist for the 42nd Diagram Prize 2020 Awards held by Bookseller Magazine in the category, Oddest Title of the Year.

Brian Radam said: “2020 was probably not the best year to launch a book and I was mowertified having to close due to the pandemic, however I thought worth documenting with this unique new book covering 200 years of the lawnmower along with stories of this very quintessentially British invention right from its grass roots, especially from someone thought of as a madman and a lunatic for inventing such a strange contraption, having to test it at night so not to be seen. 

“His invention has never been bettered to this day as 190yrs later is still the best way to produce the perfect formal lawn. 

“Sadly, the inventor died penniless never knowing how popular his machine was to become. The book competition is judged and voted for by the general public, you can vote for free at

“The book can be purchased with special signed copies at the museum for £12.99, all books include a free Museum entrance voucher for two and includes the audio tour worth £6. 

“Some of the other popular books the Museum has produced are ‘The Haynes Lawnmower Manual’ which is everything you need to mow – and ‘Lawnmowers & Grasscutters’ is just a cut above.”

Voting closes on November 20.

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