Edge Hill professor shaping intellectual debate on global stage

Edge Hill professor shaping intellectual debate on global stage

by Henry James (November 2020)

A PROFESSOR of Psychology at Edge Hill University is shaping intellectual debate at a series of global events, sharing his unique perspective on the psychology behind climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic.

Professor Geoff Beattie has looked extensively at the psychology behind attitudes towards climate change as well as how to change behaviours, so that protecting the environment becomes a major factor in day-to-day decision making.

His expertise led to him being invited to speak in October at a key cultural event organised by the British Embassy in Moscow, which in the words of the organisers, “brings  together the best of contemporary British practices in the fields of science, innovation and sustainable development.”

One of the key themes of this year’s event was climate action.

Professor Beattie said: “This was an enormous opportunity to reach a critically  important audience.

Russia is a  very significant  region for climate change  not just  because  of its political  and economic  power,  but because it  is a leading global supplier of fossil fuels  and there  is a very high  degree of climate change scepticism  in the country,  even, it seems,  among  some  environmentalists.”

Earlier this month Professor Beattie was also invited to give a major speech about Covid-19 at the EffWorks Global Conference for the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA).

He presented his views on how human behaviour will change as a result of Covid-19 – a key interest for the IPA as they grapple with how to communicate during and after the pandemic. 

He said: “We still don’t know what the lasting effects of the pandemic will be.

“Perhaps all of this will be forgotten about like a bad dream. However, I suspect we have all learnt something, whether it’s about being closer to family and friends, about the sacrifice of key workers or a greater sense of community.”

His speech was shared by the Advertising Research Foundation in the USA and the Shanghai International Advertising Festival Group in China and Asia.

Geoff is an internationally-acclaimed psychologist, author and broadcaster. He is both a Chartered Psychologist and a Chartered Scientist. He is also a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, an ex-President of the Psychology Section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (B.A.). 

He was recently invited to join the panel of world-leading experts on behavioural science on ASK-Psychwire advising on communication, the psychology of climate change and other topics.

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