Chiefs at Sefton Climate Action reveal the winners of the Sefton Wildflower Competition!

Chiefs at Sefton Climate Action reveal the winners of the Sefton Wildflower Competition!

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

CHIEFS at Sefton Climate Action have revealed the winners of the Sefton Wildflower Competition!

During the summer months Sefton Climate Action held a photographic competition of wildflowers in the Sefton area. The winning photos have now been announced and prizewinners won wildflower seeds that have been supplied by

Bernie Draper from Sefton Climate Action: “The aim of the competition was to celebrate Sefton's diverse natural landscape and also to raise awareness of the wildflowers growing in Sefton organised by the newly formed Sefton Climate Action group. 97% of our wildflower meadows have disappeared since the 1930’s which is very sad as they play a vital part in our biodiversity and also the amount of carbon dioxide they absorb playing a significant part in reducing global warming. 

“Wildflowers also play a vital part in supplying nectar and pollen for our insects who transfer them to other plants of the same species so they can produce seeds.

“Our varied birdlife in our area in turn depend on insects as a major food source. So plant health, biodiversity and the food chain are interconnected with environmental health and our mental health especially at this time of the covid pandemic we are living through now. 

“The winners of our competition reflect a minority of the diversity of the hundreds of beautiful wildflowers growing in our area for which we are very fortunate and some of which are very rare and attract botanists from all over the country.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everybody who entered the competition,  all of the photographs were of such a high standard that it was a tough job picking the winners. ”

The winning photographs:

1st place: Clair Louise Vaughan: sunflower with a background of wildflowers in Rimrose Valley

2nd place: Susan Wilkinson: Himalayan balsam with pollinators

3rd place: Denise Bowman: Passionflower 

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