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Always look on the bright side of life, say Southport Rotarians!

Always look on the bright side of life, say Southport Rotarians!

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

Always look on the bright side of life, say Southport Rotarians!

Club president Dianne Harrison said: “What a wonderful year for celebrations at  Southport Rotary  this year and over the next couple of years as the Centenary of the Club approaches in 2022. You will always find a warm welcome in person or at our meetings  on Zoom. Please put November 25 2022 in your diary to join us then for our Centenary Charter Night at Hillside Golf Club. 

“How many Clubs in District 1180 can beat this.  We throw  this challenge out to you all, to see if you can beat our very Special member Norman Fleming 60 Years Serving Rotary in Southport.

 “Our ‘Super Special Sixty’ Norman Fleming celebrated with members of Southport Rotary on Zoom and then at Victoria Park Bowling Club his 60 years membership  in our Club this September. “He also celebrated 50 years since he was President. Norman was one of the youngest members to join at that time, at just 29 years old, president at 39. What was the Club like then in 1960?”

Norman added: “I arrived in Southport , from Hastings in 1957 and purchased a very successful Retail Chemist on Lord Street from a Yorkshire man who was a member of our Club and held the classification Retail Pharmacist. I had some knowledge of Rotary because my father was a Rotarian in Liverpool and was a Past President. He was also a District Officer and District Treasurer.  

“Rotary at that time had a classification principal so that there could only be one person from each trade or profession. It was also restricted to men only. We now have ladies present in our Club and they have added a new dimension to the running of the Club and our service to the community. “Originally Rotary  was founded to improve the ethical standards of business men. As a new member I was referred to as Fleming and others were addresses as Mr. The Club had a waiting list for members to join. The Club had 100 members which was said to be too many by some. 

“I have immensely enjoyed my time in Southport Rotary Club and made many great friends. I have participated in many activities and been proud to serve the community as a Rotarian .

“My first memorable activity that comes to mind was to accompany a group of disabled children from the Bradstock Locket Home to Blackpool Tower and Circus.

“As we carried the children in from the bus we were flabbergasted as members of the public pushed 10 shilling notes into our pockets as charitable contributions.   

“Other activities included our very successful Game and Country Fayre in which my wife and family were very active. Shirley was part of the Southport Inner Wheel.

“Kids Out which I introduced during my Presidential Year, is still an ongoing fantastic day out we organize for youngsters. We also enjoyed many fundraising and charitable evenings. We had two dinners per year, but many other dinners and charitable activities which were attended by members, employees and friends. The Rotary Club has been a pleasurable and important part of my life and I hope all current and future members enjoy it as much as I have."

Dianne added “Norman you have welcomed all of us into  Rotary and it has been fun and fellowship and we still do a huge amount of Service to the community . Thank you for all that you have done and your continued support on Zoom along with 43 other members, it  is a credit to the can-do attitude  of this Club, and the part you and others have played to create this. 

“We are very fortunate as a Club to have such a brilliant history of service and our legacy for  the future is to leave a vibrant club for the second 100 years of Southport Rotary Club. 

“We also have our first lady President in our 98th Year. We are embracing Youth again,  by bringing three lady Rotoractors to the new E Club with President  James Thomas at the helm. Our environmental work is going very well. We have two new members and hopefully more in the pipeline as we reach out to the volunteers of Southport looking for new opportunities to getting them  involved in our community work. We are planning fundraising events and Christmas.”   



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