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Care home staff hold 'Oscars night' celebration for residents

Care home staff hold 'Oscars night' celebration for residents

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

STAFF at Acacia Court in Southport have taken part in a quirky ‘Oscars’ themed ceremony!

Lorraine O'Sullivan, registered manager at the Roe Lane home said: “I asked all the residents who their idols were and who they liked to listen to when they were young. Unfortunately there were so many that we had to pick the most popular ones.

“My idea was to set the scene in the dining room as an awards night and the staff dressed up as the idols to give the residents two hours of going back in time to see and meet their idols!

“We had ceiling drapes, red carpet, tables were decorated to a high standard, balloons it was just amazing. All staff were fully on board with this and went out of their way to dress as near as possible to the idol, we then performed one of the idols greatest hits, acting out the idol. 

“Each staff member was awarded an Oscar for their achievements, which were picked by the residents. The food was amazing, we made sure that the food was from an awards ceremony, champagne flutes and sparkling drinks.”

The awards were as follows, with staff nominated for categories including best performer, best dressed, best look-alike and best hip-shaker!

- Lorraine O'Sullivan, as Dolly Parton

- Sarah Adams, as Calamity Jane

- Jack Moore as Frank Sinatra

- Rebecca Maher - Cilla Black

- Carra Hignett as Nancy Sinatra, song These boots are made for walking. Best dance

- Donna Hodge as Dusty Springfield

- Vicky Iddon as Judy Garland

- Bill Coventry as Elvis

- Cheryl Mawdsley-Norbrega (Not in costume)

- Tina Maduasowe (Not in costume)

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