Horse owner launches national safety appeal after her beloved Dettori loses an eye in horrifying firework accident

Horse owner launches national safety appeal after her beloved Dettori loses an eye in horrifying firework accident

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

MORE than £13,000 has already been raised for a horse that lost an eye in a horrifying firework accident.

Charley Taylor, the owner of the horse, Dettori, has launched a national appeal for people to think about where they set off fireworks after the horse lost his right eye in the incident.

Writing on social media site Facebook on November 6, Charley Taylor wrote: “To the man that decided to set off a 30min display of fireworks next to a field of horses, your actions have directly inflicted excruciating pain and terror to our beloved Dettori. 

“Your awful actions have meant that a part of the firework you set off has gone directly into Dettori’s eye, pushed his eye so far into the socket that all the fluid as came out and filled with blood. Your actions have meant that our horse only had two options: be put to sleep, or go for an operation to get his eye removed. 

“In the words of our vet ‘the damage is so severe it is irreversible.’ This is the reality me and my mum are faced with after your horrific choice to set fireworks off next to a field full of horses. 

“After confronting the man about the disgusting incident, no remorse was shown, the police have been contacted and a file has been raised in the hope he has to face up to his actions.

“As you can imagine we were so distraught as to what had happened, the photos are not very clear. “However, both me and my mum feel it was important to share the message as to why fireworks are so dangerous, especially when they are recklessly. I hope what has happened to Dettori as awful as it is, prevents something like this happening to someone’s else horse. 

“We are still unsure as to the outcome; we are waiting to see how Dettori handles the trauma he has been inflicted, and as you can imagine he is very stressed. Please think about your actions and the consequences they have on others. If it were not for our friends at the yard, we would not have found Dettori until the morning. No animal deserves this.

“After an overwhelming amount of people offering to contribute to Dettori’s treatment. We have set up the following Go Fund me page. Although we are paying as much as we can any additional support would be very humbling, however we understand it’s a tough time for everyone. 

“All contributions will go towards Dettori and anything above will be donated to the SSPCA, to help other animals hurt due to fireworks.

“Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement and love so far, we are truly grateful.”

To add to the Go Fund Me page, go to

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