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MP urges residents to open up about personal finances in support of Talk Money Week

MP urges residents to open up about personal finances in support of Talk Money Week

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

WEST Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has spoken out to support Talk Money Week, an annual awareness campaign run by the Money and Pensions Service to encourage everyone to open up about their money and pensions. 

Held in November, Talk Money Week aims to reduce the stigma around money by encouraging conversations among families, friends, neighbours, customers, colleagues and communities. Talking openly about money can have a huge impact on managing money worries, and is important for our overall health and relationships.

The impact of Covid-19 has made it more important than ever to start conversations about money to look after our financial wellbeing. 

Talk Money Week is also an annual opportunity to celebrate the work organisations are doing to support the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing, launched by MaPS in January 2020, which has ambitious ten-year goals to help everyone make the most of their money and pensions. 

Throughout the week there is activity across the UK to get more people talking about personal finance issues, and engaging with topics such as saving regularly, planning for retirement, dealing with debt, and teaching children and young people about managing money. 

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper commented: “It is important we break the stigma associated with talking about money, and have the much-needed conversations about how COVID-19 has impacted people’s finances and how to get help to get through the changes to personal finances. 

“For anyone who is struggling or concerned about their money situation visit www.maps.org.uk/talk-money-week/ to see what help and support is available.” 

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