Home at last! Princess is given her happy-ever-after following horrific ordeal

Home at last! Princess is given her happy-ever-after following horrific ordeal

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

A STAFFIE who was abandoned after nearly passing away during a ‘tragic’ labour has been given a forever loving home after her ‘dreadful ordeal.’

The team at Freshfields Animal Rescue in Ince Blundell revealed that they received a call in October from a veterinary practice about a two year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Princess. She had been taken to the vets’ for emergency surgery two weeks before as she was in labour but struggling to give birth. When she arrived at the vets, one of her puppies had become stuck and had sadly already passed away.

Princess was very poorly and needed a caesarean immediately in order to save her life – and her owner never returned for her despite the vet’s very best efforts to make contact and subsequently she was signed over into their care. The team at Freshfields assume that with a vet bill to pay, no puppies to sell and a female dog who could no longer be bred from after being spayed, her life became of very little value and so she was tossed to one side.

After a campaign by The Champion to find her a home, two of our readers stepped up and adopted Princess!

Princess’ new owners Jed and Barbara said: “We first heard about Princess when a friend shared an article on Facebook from The Champion! It told the story of a little Staffie who was abandoned at a vets when her pregnancy went horribly wrong and she almost lost her life.

“We saw her picture and instantly fell in love. We sent an email to Freshfields hoping she hadn’t already been re-homed and the rest is history. Having lost our staffie of 14 years in June we knew we could offer her a loving home. She has settled in extremely well and is so loving and affectionate despite all she has been through.

“Initially scared of being on a lead and reluctant to walk, she is completely the opposite now. She loves her walks and runs to the front door as soon as she sees the lead. She has gained so much confidence and her recall is very good although we are careful to keep her in sight at all times.

“She has been really good when meeting other dogs when on, and off, the lead and like all Staffies, she loves people.

“We feel so lucky and blessed to have her in our lives and we’d like to say a big thank you to all the staff at Freshfields Rescue for the wonderful work they do. They give dogs like Princess a second chance, a chance to have the wonderful life they so deserve.”

To find out more about the work of the charity, go to freshfields.org.uk

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