What’s your reaction to Peanut?

What’s your reaction to Peanut?

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

WHAT is your reaction to Peanut?

Are you overly affectionate, strong willed, bend the rules occasionally and can move through emotions quicker than a moth to a flame? Yet you still have a loving family and circle of friends who love you – just as you are?  Peanut is very similar, he just doesn’t have the security of a family yet!

At only six months old, his education and experiences, until now, haven’t been as positive as they could be, and now, as a bolshy teenager he is struggling to find his place in this strange world that appears to have ever changing rules whilst offering very little comfort and stability to help to deal with it.

The team at Woodlands Animal Sanctuary on Sandy Lane in Holmeswood welcomed Peanut into their fold last month, and the team are working incredibly hard to give this young lad some structure and boundaries to help him feel secure. 

He has been vet-checked and cleared to be rehomed, he is also neutered and fully vaccinated. The charity is looking for a home as special as Peanut is, who is very experienced with cats and has no other pets or children in their house.

He purrs like a motorbike, but due to a lack of understanding and boundaries his enthusiasm around affection and play can lead to the odd nibble or two.  If you fit the criteria above and think you could provide this boisterous adolescent with the love and structure he needs to flourish and mature then please fill out the rehoming application form on Woodlands website at www.woodlandsanimalsanctuary.org.uk/rehoming

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