Mawdesley community rally to make donations for a food bank in Skelmersdale

Mawdesley community rally to make donations for a food bank in Skelmersdale

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

MEMBERS of the community in Mawdesley and the surrounding area rallied together to make an ‘overwhelming’ donation to a food bank in Skelmersdale. 

The idea was born at Mawdesley Village Hall, which is a registered charity and local schools were quick to get involved. Social media platforms were used to invite people to drop off donations on a Saturday morning.

This was the first of a number of planned weekly collections and the items donated will be delivered to Skelmersdale Food Bank. The hall will having further collections over the coming weeks, including donations of childrens’ toys for Christmas. More details are available on Mawdesley Village Hall’s Facebook page or at

Finlay Robertson, chairman of the trustees of the village hall said: “We were delighted, though not surprised, at the overwhelming generosity of folks.

“Both schools in the village had organised donations from the parents of pupils and locals turned up at the hall throughout the morning with bags and boxes of essentials for those in need during this particularly difficult time for many families.”

A spokesperson for the hall added: “Obviously, with the pandemic, what was a very busy venue has been very quiet lately. We wanted to do something for people who were finding things particularly difficult at this time. This seemed a great idea and we were delighted with the response from the schools and local people.”

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