Knife crime week comes to a close with multiple arrets and weapon seizures

Knife crime week comes to a close with multiple arrets and weapon seizures

by Danielle Thompson (November 2020)

OFFICERS across the country came together to tackle knife crime – with 60 dangerous weapons seized aross Merseyside. 

Operation Sceptre runs twice a year and is a national response to deterring the public from carrying and using knives, stopping young people from idolising these criminals and keeping communities as safe as they can be. Across Merseyside, police officers conducted 81 open land searches and weapon sweeps, recovered 60 knives and dangerous weapons, stop-searched 123 people and made 14 arrests in regards to serious violence.

Chief Inspector Andy Creer said: “This week is highly concentrated and although we know knife crime doesn’t just happen during a one week period, this campaign gives us the platform to highlight the activity we have going on every day of the year.

“Those involved in knife crime are usually involved in gangs or being exploited by other criminals and can often end up involved in other forms of serious violence. Therefore it is important to educate young people that knives will not protect you and those carrying a weapon are more likely to be injured or killed by one.

“But it isn’t just about telling people what the consequences of knife crime are – it is about providing them with various opportunities to get involved in clubs and activities that will ultimately steer them to a more fulfilling future. The ‘Our Merseyside’ movement and #BladeFree campaign do just that by highlighting alternative ways to spend your time and signposts young people, parents, guardians and teachers alike to what is on offer across Merseyside.

“Operationally, work to identify those involved in knife crime continues throughout the year and we will take action where possible to ensure those carrying and using weapons are brought to justice. We continue to urge anyone that knows someone involved in crime to get in touch @MerPolCC, calling 101 or contacting @CrimestoppersUK anonymously.”

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