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Officers kick-start month with series of arrests linked to weapons and acts of serious violence

Officers kick-start month with series of arrests linked to weapons and acts of serious violence

by Danielle Thompson (December 2020)

OFFICERS from across Merseyside Police force kick-started December as they mean to go on by seizing a number of weapons and making arrests linked to serious violence and associated crime. 

As part of series of arrests across Merseyside on November 30 and December 1, a 16 year old boy was stopped on Melling Road in Aintree after he attempted to run away from officers and dispose of his bag in the process. He and the bag, which was located by officers in a nearby garden, were searched and inside the bag, officers recovered a lock knife and cannabis.

The boy was arrested on suspicion of theft of a pedal cycle, possession of an offensive weapon and possession of a controlled drug and taken to custody. This investigation has now been passed to the Youth Offending Team. 

Superintendent Jenn Wilson said: “As the Christmas period draws closer, we want to ensure our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours can enjoy the festive period. Therefore, we are determined as ever to take those involved in crime off our streets, seize dangerous weapons, destroy illegal substances and give our law-abiding citizens the justice they deserve. As part of this, Operation Target teams will proactively be patrolling various areas day and night in our fight against crime, gangs and serious violence.

“I hope the arrests made last night, into this morning and over the course of this month show the public that we are doing everything we can to keep them safe. These arrests provide a glimpse into the crime we deal with on a daily basis and we hope to empower our communities to report crime and allow us to investigate. 

“But, it isn’t all about arresting people, we also want to educate young people to not get involved in crime in the first place. We often spend a lot of time visiting and speaking to students and teachers as seen in Sefton yesterday to offer support and guidance around knife crime and crime in general.

“Additionally, in partnership, the ‘Our Merseyside’ movement has been launched with the first campaign Blade Free focussed on deterring people from carrying and using knives/weapons as well as the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership’s Eyes Open campaign which looks at encouraging people to spot the signs of child criminal exploitation. 

“To find out more, visit the website, show your support and sign up to advertise your club/organisation - together, we can make sure Merseyside is a safe place for all those living and growing up here.”

Find out more at merseyside.police.uk

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