StayAlive campaign promotes suicide prevention ‘app’

StayAlive campaign promotes suicide prevention ‘app’

by Danielle Thompson (December 2020)

A MERSEYSIDE resident  has  shared his story  about suicidal thoughts as part of a campaign to promote the suicide prevention app StayAlive. 

Ben spoke about his struggles with suicidal thoughts in campaign materials, including videos which were shared on social media. 

The aim is to encourage people who have suicidal thoughts and their loved ones to download the app and to make suicide prevention support more accessible across the region.  The app has a range of features including a ‘LifeBox’ where people can upload images or videos that remind them of their reasons to stay alive.

The app also directs people to local help and encourages a conversation about suicide and mental health. 

The campaign would particularly like to reach men aged 45 to 64 as this group accounted for the majority of reported suicides in Cheshire and Merseyside between January 2021 and September 2021. These statistics also show an increase in suicides for females aged 25-29 year.

Other vulnerable groups include individuals with a physical health condition, individuals who are unemployed or in a routine or manual job and individuals who have previously attempted suicide or self-harmed. 

For further information about suicide prevention and support, download the StayAlive app for free on iOS and Android devices through the app store or through Google Play. 

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