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MP speaks to climate campaigners about his commitment to reduce his carbon footprint

MP speaks to climate campaigners about his commitment to reduce his carbon footprint

by Henry James (December 2020)

SEFTON Central MP Bill Esterson told climate campaigners of his commitment to reduce his own carbon footprint and his delight at the success of Joe Biden in the recent US election.

Sefton Central MP Bill Esterson told the Sefton Climate Action group in a Zoom call that following the election of Mr Biden he hoped the US would now re-commit to the Paris Agreement, which pledged to keep global temperatures within 2C of pre-industrial levels.

He also told the group he welcomed the recent announcement of the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and that his next car would be electric.

Mr Esterson met with members of the newly formed Sefton Climate Action Network. Members of the North Sefton Deanery also joined the call. There were 27 attendees.

Mr Esterson said he continued to oppose fracking, supported a tidal barrage project in the Mersey and supported the switch to green public transport.

Mr Esterson said following the event: “It was great to meet the Sefton Climate Action group and hear their concerns, which I share. Grassroots organisations such as this can really drive change. I told the group how disappointed I was to see the UK still missing its emissions targets, and not recognising that the emissions released abroad in order to produce goods and services for our market, should be reduced also.

“I’d like to see less investment by UK companies in fossil fuels, and how I hoped that following the election of Joe Biden that the US would recommit to the Paris Agreement. Climate change must be addressed at a global as well as a local level.”

Sefton Climate Action are a community action group supported by Friends of the Earth who are passionate about spreading the message of the importance of environmental awareness and engagement at a grass-roots community level. The North Sefton CofE Deanery is hoping to lead the way in the Liverpool Diocese’s ambitious plan of becoming an ‘Eco-Diocese’ through increased engagement, teaching and activism.

James O'Keeffe from Sefton Climate Action said: “Bill recognised that we urgently need to reduce emissions from transport, including shipping. Sefton Climate Action remains concerned about Port of Liverpool expansion plans and would welcome further discussion on how this can be compatible with the city-region’s ambition to reach net zero carbon by 2040.

“Bill is right to call for a non-road alternative to the controversial A5036 Port of Liverpool Access scheme, which would destroy Rimrose Valley. We now need to see action from central government and the city region to back and fund alternative solutions.

“We were pleased that Bill agreed to write to shadow Ministers within his own party in support of their commitment to analyse every policy in terms of its impact on the climate.”

Chris Williams from North Sefton Deanery said: “As the North Sefton Deanery, we are hoping to achieve the Eco-Church Gold Award across all of our churches, bettering the environment in which our families and friends live as well as their wellbeing and sense of community with each other in the process.”

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