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Drainage repair works now underway on flood hit Burscough site

Drainage repair works now underway on flood hit Burscough site

by Henry James (December 2020)

DRAINAGE repair works has started on Mill Lane in Burscough.

After the heavy flooding  in  August  this year, which forced some residents of Mill Lane out of their homes,  Rosie Cooper MP formally wrote to Lancashire County Council, Persimmon and United Utilities also to  request a full investigation and remedial works.

The  council confirmed  two gullies  had been cut off and would not run as they have damaged connections.

LCC  suspected the connections were damaged during the ground-work  for the Persimmon development.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper commented: “Having written to the agencies including Lancashire County Council, United Utilities and Persimmon Homes, I am pleased that repair works to gullies  believed to have been  damaged by Persimmon  are now underway.

“This should never have happened in the first  place but  Persimmon have  now  agreed to  provide a financial contribution to cover  the cost of the works which will be undertaken by LCC.  

“I am told that works commenced on  Monday, December 7 and are scheduled for completion on December 18.  

“While these works alone will not resolve the Burscough-wide flooding issues, I hope this will alleviate flooding in this area,  relieve some pressure on the wider system  and I will continue to? demand? United Utilities? invest in infrastructure upgrade in Burscough.” 

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