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All-party Parliamentary Group launched for county

All-party Parliamentary Group launched for county

by Henry James (December 2020)

MP Rosie Cooper has been appointed as the Vice-Chair of a new all- Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Lancashire.

It has been launched, with Downtown in Business as its secretariat by Lancashire County Council.

The MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale, David Morris, has been elected to chair the Group, following its inaugural meeting.

The purpose of the APPG is to co-ordinate activity around issues that impact on the county, including the Economic Prosperity Fund, skills, education and training, housing, and Lancashire’s place in the Northern Powerhouse.

Following his election as chair David Morris MP said: “This is very historic; we’ve not had anything like this before. My personal aim is to ensure that Lancashire gets its fair share of funding. It’s a very good platform to push forward towards the Government for what we need to get out of them.

The economy is a driving factor, we’ve been offered a levelling up process from the Government, we’ve got to ensure that does happen. The Government are listening to the North of England, but it still takes a little bit of a push to get the money out of the Treasury and the relevant departments.”

The leader of Lancashire County Council, Cllr Geoff Driver added: “This is an historic move. It is the first time our MPs have come together in this way and it’s a really positive initiative.

“It demonstrates the determination that our politicians, from across the political spectrum, have to work in a collaborative fashion to get the very best that we can for Lancashire. I would like to thank Downtown in Business for helping to make it happen.”

DIB chief executive, Frank McKenna, commented: “We are delighted to be working on this important project. I am looking forward to seeing an action plan developed and the county’s MPs driving forward positive messages and campaigns on behalf of the county through this APPG.”

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