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Southport man who stabbed two members of The Kairos is jailed for more than eight years

Southport man who stabbed two members of The Kairos is jailed for more than eight years

by Danielle Thompson (December 2020)

A SOUTHPORT man who stabbed a stranger during a fight in Liverpool has been put behind bars for more than eight years.


Martin Stroud knifed the victim Thomas Dempsey, a member of the Indie group, The Kairos, and his companion Jason Medlicott stabbed another band member Lewis Chambers.


Liverpool Crown Court heard on Monday, December 21, that Mr Dempsey's injuries "could have been fatal" if the knife had entered his chest in a slightly different position.


20-year-old Stroud, of Liverpool Road, Southport, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, possessing an offensive weapon and affray and was sentenced to a total of eight years one month in a Young Offenders’ Institution.


The court heard that the incident happened about 4 am on March 1 this year after the two victims, who come from Formby, left the Electrik Warehouse in Concert Square.


As they walked along Church Street they encountered a group of four of five men, one of who deliberately bumped into Mr Dempsey, lead singer and guitarist.


Robert Wyn-Jones, prosecuting, said that Mr Chambers raised his hands to calm the situation, but it had the opposite effect and another member of the group pushed Mr Dempsey, 19, in the chest.


Shouts about a knife were heard and “slash him” and both men were stabbed though neither   immediately realised that. Mr Dempsey’s friends saw blood on his stomach and when he looked down he saw it pouring down and collapsed.


He was taken to Aintree Hospital and treated for a wound inflicted with a small knife to the left side of his chest. Mr Chambers, also 19, had suffered a small cut to the face which also bled profusely.


Police arrived quickly at the scene and Medlicott, 20, was caught after running up School Lane and wrestled to the ground where he was “foaming at the mouth”.


A knife was recovered on which blood was found from both victims. When police later raided Stroud’s home they found a pair of trainers with Mr Dempsey's blood on them.



In a victim impact statement Mr Dempsey said he “remembered a great deal of blood. He thought he was going to die as he collapsed and was taken to an ambulance.


"He described pain in his chest and suffering an infection and required antibiotics."


The court heard that at the time Stroud was subject to community order for drug dealing.


Medlicott, of Leinster Road, Old Swan, admitted wounding Mr Chambers, affray and possession of an offensive weapon. He was sentenced to an indefinite hospital order.


Michael O'Brien, defending,  said that Stroud, who has no previous convictions for violence, had expressed "genuine remorse".


He said he intends to use his time in custody in a positive and constructive way and urged the judge to consider the current impact of the pandemic on prisoners.


Defence barrister Charlotte Kenny, said Medlicott,  is a "young man with significant mental health issues" and had been transferred from custody to the Scott Clinic at Rainhill.


Sentencing the men, Judge Brian Cummings, QC, sentencing, said that one of the defendant’s group had provoked a confrontation, barging into Mr Chambers, and both victims ended up being stabbed.


He said that Mr Dempsey’s injury could “ have been fatal if in a slightly different location". He pointed out that the incident took place on a public street and had the potential to spark wider disorder.


Judge Cummings said that Stroud’s remorse did not “carry much weight" after he gave a ‘no comment’ interview and only pleaded guilty to two of the charges on the day at the case was listed for trial.

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