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Enforcement move over blocked ditch in Aughton

Enforcement move over blocked ditch in Aughton

by Henry James (December 2020)

LANCASHIRE County Council is taking enforcement action  over a  blocked ditch causing flooding for Aughton residents.

Following repeated flooding incidents,  local residents  resorted to commissioning a private drainage report  which  upon consulting with United Utilities, indicated that LCC were responsible for resolving.

MP Rosie Cooper wrote to  the Executive Director fo r Environment raising concerns that the council weren’t responding to residents’ concerns  nor taking any action to stop the flooding.   

The Director has now responded to Ms Cooper confirming that they will be writing to the landowner  responsible for the blocked ditch requesting they clear it.   

The MP said : “Some Aughton  residents in the Moss Delph Lane area have been experiencing  repeated flooding with Lancashire County Council failing to respond to  the concerns raised by residents.

“The residents even commissioned their own private drainage report and shared background information about the drainage issues in the area with  Flood Risk Management officers at the council.

“I am grateful the council are now writing to the responsible landowner requesting they clear the blocked ditch which they believe is causing the  problems, and  have committed to continuing to monitor the situation to check that the work has been carried out and if not, will issue a second formal letter.

“I will be pressing the Council to take  appropriate enforcement action if the landowner fails to clear the ditch  quickly,  even undertaking the work  themselves  and charging the cost back to the landowner.” 

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