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MP welcomes £12.26m boost to Sefton Council’s budget next year

MP welcomes £12.26m boost to Sefton Council’s budget next year

by Danielle Thompson (December 2020)

SOUTHPORT MP Damien Moore has welcomed the government’s announcement that Sefton Council will see its budget boosted by 5% next year, as part of the government’s commitment to level up local services across the country and give them the resources they need to support communities as they  recover from the pandemic.

Local authorities in England, including Sefton Council, will receive a share of £51.2billion local government funding next year – up £2.2 billion on this year. Funding for key public services will again be protected, with significant extra resources dedicated to areas where they are needed most. 

The local government finance settlement sets out how much councils have to spend on vital local services each year, including social care which will see a £1billion increase in funding next year as a result of the announcement. In total, local authorities across England will receive an extra £5 billion in support next year, including a further £1.55billion in additional grant funding to cover costs relating to the pandemic and an extra £670 million to help families facing hardship with their council tax bills. 

This is on top of the more than £7.2billion in additional funding given to local areas throughout the pandemic so far to protect vital services that have kept vulnerable people and communities safe.

Mr Moore said:  “Local authorities play a vital role in our communities, providing the crucial local services that people rely on every day.

“I am delighted that Sefton Council will have additional £12.26million funding this year thanks to the Government.

“These funds will help our local leaders make positive change in the area.

“This builds on the significant funding boost the council received at the beginning of the year, underlying our determination to ensure all local authorities have the resources they need to drive forward our recovery in a way that works for our community as we build back better after the pandemic.”

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