Commitments to tackle residents' speeding concerns have been welcomed by MP

Commitments to tackle residents' speeding concerns have been welcomed by MP

by Henry James (December 2020)

COMMITMENTS to tackle residents’ speeding concerns on Liverpool Road in Skelmersdale have been welcomed by MP Rosie Cooper.

Local residents contacted Rosie Cooper MP with their concerns about the increasing number of HGVs and other vehicles using the road, and the speed at which they are travelling, fearing an imminent accident.

Ms Cooper contacted both the local highways authority Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Constabulary asking for their intervention.

Although some of the issues have been attributed to the recent closure of the M58 for scheduled road works, both agencies have committed to action.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper commented: “Skelmersdale’s Liverpool Road residents are understandably concerned and fearful of the heavy traffic passing down the narrow roads, including large HGVs making their way between the industrial estates and the M58.

“I raised these concerns with the Transport Director at Lancashire County Council and the local Chief Inspector to ask for their consideration of increased or additional road safety measures.

“I am pleased that LCC have arranged for additional signage in the area and identified it as a Community Concern Speed Area while the Police have told me they will be taking further steps for a message board trailer to be deployed displaying road safety messages and collecting speed data.

“Residents can also report their concerns directly to Lancashire Constabulary at or phone 101, and to Lancashire Road Safety Partnership at”

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