Golf Mates channel pans Beacon site

Golf Mates channel pans Beacon site

by Henry James (December 2020)

BEACON Golf Club in Up Holland has been slated as a ‘course destroyed by landfill’ by an influential YouTube golf channel.

‘Golf Mates’ who boast than 120,000 subcribers, were inundated with requests to visit the Beacon site to see the sorry state of the course. 

At the site, thousands of tonnes of hardcore has been dumped as part of a promised nine-hole par three course and a foot golf facility, which both have never been built. Also not delivered are a 20 bay driving range and a cycling facility.

In the programme, the presenter claims the course, “once a thriving community of golfers” has been completely destroyed by landfill. Continued on page 3

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The show interviews community campaigner Alan Lenton, who says: “I brought you here to look at the devastation which has taken place. It started with the planning application in 2011, and then the first heaps of rubbish started to be delivered in 2013.” 

The 2011 plans included plans to build a nine-hole academy course with planning permission for 24,000 lorry loads of landfill.

However, it was found in 2018 that the maximum height allowed under the original planning consent had been exceeded. This is covered in the programme and was brought up in the Champion at the time,

Also highlighted in the Champion in 2018, was how West Lancs Council has served a Breach of Condition notice on the management at Beacon Park Golf Course, Serco, after work which involved material being deposited, was found to be “significantly different” from that shown on the approved plans. 

Golf Mates tells how the club had 150 senior golfers, who won many trophies. Unfortunately, they got kicked out of the league because the course had deteriorated that much. Many of these players now have moved to other courses.

The Beacon Golf Club was built in 1984 and was among the top 10 courses for its quality and beauty. It stayed that way until this landfill project started. 

Alan Lenton added in the show: “The devastation and ruination has gone on for too long. Years down the line and it is still in this state. I don’t think the golfing community will ever recover from this. It is a sordid business.” 

A borough spokesman commented: “The council has enforced the need for the re-profiling work at Beacon Country Park to be undertaken to design an improved facility for the public.  The work has been subject to delays due to bad weather and the national Covid pandemic. However the council anticipates that the new facilities will be available in summer 2021. 

“The Golf Course members have received a 50% reduction in membership fees.”

Following the Golf Mates prograamme, Rosie Cooper MP called for “accountability” for the work at the course. She commented: “What has been going on with Beacon Park Golf Course over many,  many  years  has  been an absolute  disgrace.

“The members have long suffered because they believe the council did not properly supervise Serco and their  sub-contractors  during the contract to re-profile parts of the course which has led to mountains of rubble being dumped. I will continue to pursue this matter as there should be proper accountability by those who made these poor decisions which I believe led to a loss of revenue to WLBC and its council taxpayers from both the course and the proceeds from the amount of rubble and waste materials which have been dumped.”

“Serco and the council now need to get on with the job of putting the course right and providing members with a course they can play on and enjoy again.”  

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