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MP praises Southport teachers and support staff for their vital work during pandemic

MP praises Southport teachers and support staff for their vital work during pandemic

by Danielle Thompson (December 2020)

SOUTHPORT MP Damien Moore met with headteachers from across Southport to hear how they have been keeping schools in the town open and teaching local children during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He praised teachers and school support staff for their efforts during what has been an incredibly challenging year for everyone.

The virtual meeting with headteachers from both primary and secondary schools in the town was a valuable opportunity for Mr Moore to hear more about how teachers have been coping during the past few months, what issues they are facing and how he can provide help and support where needed.

Mr Moore said: “The coronavirus pandemic has led to huge pressures on headteachers’ time so I was pleased to see that so many of them were able to join me for a virtual event in what proved to be a very valuable listening exercise.

“Continuing to provide a first-class education for our children has been an absolute priority for the Government during the past few months and will continue to be so.

“Life has not been easy for anyone. But I would like to commend our teachers and support staff for their incredible efforts this year. I would like to wish them all a great Christmas and I hope they enjoy their well-earned break.

“When Covid first swept into the UK in March our teachers worked hard to keep our schools open for key and essential workers. This term, I am pleased to see that more children have been able to return to class. Teaching staff in Southport have done an excellent job in enabling their attendance in safe environments to ensure that they will be able to enjoy the educational opportunities they deserve.

“Headteachers in the meeting raised some issues with me that I will be pursuing on their behalf. Normally throughout the course of a year I would take the opportunity of visiting a number of our local schools in Southport in person. Because of the pandemic, that has sadly not been possible this year. I hope to be able to return to some of them soon.

“While we face a difficult Winter ahead, I am encouraged to see the roll-out of the first Covid vaccine has begun in Southport and I hope it will contribute towards helping life to become easier for everyone in the months ahead.”

Sandie Lineton, Head of Kings Meadow Primary School and Chair of the Southport Learning Partnership, said: "Our recent meeting with Damien Moore was a welcome opportunity to explain the many challenges schools in Southport have faced since March this year.

"Southport headteachers were listened to and reassured by Damien that he would represent our views to central Government.”

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