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Oh for a taste of the simple life!

Oh for a taste of the simple life!

by Danielle Thompson (December 2020)

ARE you looking to live a simpler life, in rural Britain, away from modern technology?

Five Mile Films are making a brand-new TV series next year for a major British channel. 

They are looking for people from across Sefton and West Lancashire to take part, with filming due to take place over a number of months next year in rural Britain.    A spokesperson for Five Mile Films said: “The idea behind the series is about saying goodbye to smartphones, Zoom calls, social media, Amazon etc – all the distractions and pressures of normal life - to go and live a simpler life, experience the ‘good life’ fantasy and think about what our modern life and its multitude of choices, has really given us.   We will explore the idea of whether in fact, less is more. 

“We are looking for people of all ages to apply; families, couples, single people – to take time out from their normal life and step into a different way of living.”

To apply, email simplelife@fivemilefilms.co.uk

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