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Council release details of refuse and recycling during Christmas break

Council release details of refuse and recycling during Christmas break

by Henry James (December 2020)

WEST Lancashire Borough Council has released details of how the waste and recycling collection days change for the Christmas period.

Residents will have seen this year's Christmas revised collections sticker appear on their bins which will let them know when the council will be collecting over Christmas.

The revised dates may be slightly before when people would normally present their bins, so people are being advised to make sure they have a look and know their collection dates to avoid missing out.

If people subscribe to the Garden Waste subscription service, their brown bin will not be emptied during this time but the service will be back as usual in January. And don't forget, if people are putting up a real Christmas tree this year, once it’s time to take it down they can chop it up and place it in their brown bin to be collected.

If residents haven't signed up for the Garden Waste collection subscription, there is still time to do so at https://www.westlancs.gov.uk/refuse-recycling/garden-waste-collections.aspx.

Alternatively they can take their tree to a local household waste recycling centre. For more details visit https://www.westlancs.gov.uk/refuse-recycling.aspx.

For a full list of what people can recycle after the Christmas period, visit https://www.westlancs.gov.uk/refuse-recycling/what-goes-in-my-bins-bags-and-boxes.aspx.

Councillor Kevin Wilkie, portfolio holder for street scene, said: "Every year, Christmas is a time where we all dispose of more waste than usual. It is important we are aware of the change in collection dates and recycle as much as possible to help to protect the environment."

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