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Council leader angry at ‘lack of consultation’ as borough is moved into Tier 4 restrictions

Council leader angry at ‘lack of consultation’ as borough is moved into Tier 4 restrictions

by Henry James (December 2020)

the leader of West Lancashire Borough Council, Ian Moran, claims there was a “lack of consultation” after the county was moved into Tier 4 for coronavirus restrictions.

It was confirmed last week that Lancashire would be moving into the highest Tier and it means as of 31 December, residents should now stay at home and they can’t leave their homes unless they have a “reasonable excuse.”

Mr Moran believes better communication from the government would have allowed him to give more notice to businesses and residents about the impending rule changes.

Mr Moran said: “We will continue to support our communities as we face up to this latest news.

“It is really disappointing there has been no consultation and we have been given very little notice to tell our communities and businesses about these tougher measures.”

Other restrictions also mean non-essential shops, hairdressers and beauty salons, as well as gyms and indoor entertainment must also close.

Weddings and civil partnership ceremonies are only allowed in exceptional circumstances.

Some of the reasons you can leave your home include:

• Work (where your place of work remains open and you cannot work from home)

• Education

• Buying food or medicine

• Accessing critical public services such as visiting a doctor

Residents can’t meet other people indoors unless they live with them, or they are part of their support bubble. Only up to two people can meet in public outdoor spaces.

Dr Sakthi Karunanithi, director of public health for Lancashire, said: “We are at a critical point in this pandemic and I would urge everyone to play their part to stop the spread.

“The restrictions in Tier 4 will mean even more disruption to people's lives, and I know that this decision will bring hardship to many.

“However it is vital we get the virus under control and bring down the number of people being infected and having to be admitted to hospital.

“Tragically we are still seeing many people lose their lives as a result of this virus.

“There is hope. Already hundreds of people in Lancashire have been vaccinated, and the announcement about another type of vaccine is very welcome.

“I would really urge people to stick to the rules. Everyone can minimise their chances of catching Covid 19, including the new strain, by fully sticking to the guidance.

“Please follow the simple advice of washing your hands, wearing a face mask and keeping a safe space between yourself and other people.”

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